1 About this Test Guide


1cs OPS supports testing of your implementation before going live. Three different operating modes are supported.

Please ensure that you only use test data in test mode and live data only in productive / live mode.

 Production/ LiveTest-System (Downstream)Simulation
DescriptionThis is the live / productive operation where all payments are forwarded live to the connected service provider (e.g. acquirer, bank, scheme, downstream service provider). These payment transactions are carried out in real life.In this mode, payment transactions are forwarded to a downstream test system. This is not available for all payment methods and is noted in the corresponding payment method documentation.In this mode all payment processes within Computop Paygate are simulated. This mode is  available for all payment types. This mode is always available – even if the payment method has been activated for “live”. You can also force a simulation in live operation at any time by assigning the “OrderDesc” parameter with a value such as “Test: <nnnn>”.
Data to useOnly valid productive dataDedicated test data – see test data overview belowAny “valid” test data (i.e.: Credit card numbers must pass LUHN-check, IBANs must pass IBAN-check, email-address must be syntactically correct)
Reaction / ResponseThe behavior and responses of the API correspond to live operation.The behavior and responses of the API depend on specific test data which are documented for the specific payment method.The behavior and responses of the API depend on the “OrderDesc” parameter, where you specify the desired response code yourself (e.g. “Test: 0000” or “Test: 0305”)
Possible actionsAuthorization
Supported interfacesPaySSL
Merchant Cockpit→ virtual Terminal
Merchant Cockpit → Batch-Datei
CTSF / Settlement / Reporting / Dashboardyesno

2 Test simulation


The simulation mode is available at any time – even if the payment method for your MerchantId is already live / productive.

The simulation mode is initiated by setting the “OrderDesc” parameter with the value “Test:<nnnn>”, where <nnnn> can be various error codes. Please note, that in simulation mode only numeric error codes can be used.

The simulation mode has priority over the live mode.

Value for OrderDescDescription
OrderDesc=Test:0000Payment process is always successful.
OrderDesc=Test:0305Credit card has been rejected by the acquirer / issuer.

Special notes

The simulation mode does not use any connection to downstream systems.

Therefore, for example, the following features may not be available in simulation mode:

  • Extended transaction management (ETM) for automatic renewal of authorizations
  • 3-D Secure response data

If ApprovalCode is missing please get in contact with the 1cs team.

3 Test credit card

EMV 3-D Secure / 3-D Secure 2.x

While your MID is in TEST-mode:

  • For testing 3-D Secure authentication please use the card numbers and OTPs listed below to get any expected authentication result (combinations like challenge/frictionless, successful/failed, …)
  • After authentication the authorization takes place. Here please use “OrderDesc=Test:<nnnn>” (e.g. “OrderDesc=Test:0000” or “OrderDesc=Test:0305“) to get any expected authorization result

Once your MID is in PROD-mode:

  • Testing of 3-D Secure authentication is not possible any more because your configuration is working with live 3-D Secure servers.
  • However, “OrderDesc=Test:<nnnn>” is still possible to simulate authorization.

Card numbers:

VisaMasterCardAmexTest Scenario
40000128926883235232125125401459371449635398431Browser challenge
40000164359401335232122189301469378282246310005Browser challenge
40000126990485235232127264637786 Browser frictionless; missing DS Transaction ID
40000117441350125232122741507017 Not authenticated browser frictionless
40000199661994345232122422543299375000000000007Authenticated browser frictionless
40000155731986375232128083944791 Browser challenge missing ACS URL
40000178734859535232122596907270 Authentication protocol error
40000147303668805232124106987982 Browser challenge; authenticated transaction; missing authentication value

One-time Passwords (OTPs):

Please confirm the One-Time-Password in case of a challenge with mouseclick instead of Enter key, because otherwise the “Cancel”-button is selected and the authenfication is terminated.

otpValuetransStatustransStatusReasonECIauthentication Value
1234Y 01JAmi21makAifmwqo2120cjq1AAA=
7777A 01JAmi21makAifmwqo2120cjq1AAA=


YAuthentication Verification Successful
NNot Authenticated /Account Not Verified; Transaction denied
UAuthentication/ Account Verification Could Not Be Performed; Technical or other problem, as indicated in ARes or RReq
AAttempts Processing Performed; Not Authenticated/Verified, but a proof of attempted authentication/verification is provided
CChallenge Required; Additional authentication is required using the CReq/CRes
DChallenge Required; Decoupled Authentication confirmed
RAuthentication/ Account Verification Rejected; Issuer is rejecting authentication/verification and request that authorisation not be attempted
IInformational Only; 3DS Requestor challenge preference acknowledged


01AllCard authentication failed.
02AllUnknown device.
03AllUnsupported device.
04AllExceeds authentication frequency limit.
05AllExpired card.
06AllInvalid card number.
07AllInvalid transaction.
08AllNo card record.
09AllSecurity failure.
10AllStolen card.
11AllSuspected fraud.
12AllTransaction not permitted for cardholder.
13AllCardholder not enrolled in service.
14AllTransaction timed out at ACS.
15AllLow confidence.
16AllMedium confidence.
17AllHigh confidence.
18AllVery high confidence.
19AllExceeds ACS maximum challenges.
20AllNon-payment transaction not supported.
21All3RI transaction not supported.
22AllACS technical issue.
23AllDecoupled Authentication required by ACS but not requested by 3DS Requestor.
24All3DS Requestor decoupled max expiry time exceeded.
25AllDecoupled Authentication was provided insufficient time to authenticate cardholder. ACS will not make attempt.
26AllAuthentication attempted but not performed by the cardholder.
80VisaError connecting to ACS.
80MastercardReturned on all Data Only authentications.
80American ExpressSafekey is not available for this type of card.
81VisaACS timed out.
81MastercardChallenge exemption accepted.
82VisaInvalid response from ACS.
82MastercardChallenge Mandate requested but could not be performed.
83VisaSystem Error response from ACS.
83MastercardDS dropped reason code received from DS.
84VisaInternal Error While Generating CAVV.
84MastercardChallengeCancel populated therefore did not route to Smart Authentication Stand-In (Makes authentication decision when ACS is not available).
85VisaVMID not eligible for requested program.
86VisaProtocol version not supported by ACS.
87VisaTransaction is excluded from Attempts Processing (includes non- reloadable pre-paid cards and non-payments (NPA)).
88VisaRequested program not supported by ACS.

None 3-D Secure 2.X

Immediately after setup – no acquirer data is available yet

A test connector fo credit cards will be configured automatically to simulate payment processes within 1cs OPS.

Expiration date is any in the future (e.g. 10/30). Card verification number (CVC) is any 3-digit number (e.g. 123).

Each MerchantID is in standard test mode immediately after generation.
This means that you can simulate payments with the following test credit cards.

SchemeCard numberResponseDescription

Acquirer data are available – still in test mode

Real communication with your acquirer’s system is already taking place – however, bookings are not yet activated and no money is transferred.

Testing is done with real cards and the available card limit is already reduced. You can release this by canceling (reverse) or wait until it is automatically released by the bank after approx. 7-14 days.

Captures and refunds are not possible – no money is transferred.

Simulation – always possible

The simulation mode is initiated by the “OrderDesc” parameter with the value “Test: <nnnn>”, which also defines the result of the payment process.

The simulation mode is always available – but also requires card numbers that pass the so-called LUHN test. There is a short table below for this; You can also use real credit cards.

SchemeCard numberValue OrderDeskResponseDescription
MasterCard5555555555554444Test:<nnnn><nnnn>See Error codes
AMEX375000000000007Test:<nnnn><nnnn>See Error codes

4 Test eWallet

Test Paypal

Test options PayPal:

PayPal Sandbox:

To use the PayPal Sandbox, it is necessary to create a Sandbox account.
When the following steps are completed, please provide us with the email address of the Sandbox account. As soon as it is stored in your account, you can start testing.

Activation/API release of the Sandbox dealer account:

1.) Please open the PayPal Sandbox-Developer page in a browser TAB and log in. -https://developer.paypal.com-
On this page, please log in with the existing login data of the live account.
2.) Now you can create a seller (sandbox account) as well as various buyer accounts.
3.) Afterwards, log in separately on the Sandbox PayPal configuration page with the created seller account. -http://www.sandbox.paypal.com
For this purpose, various users have been created in the sandbox, so please login with the email address of the Sandbox Business Account and the corresponding password.
4.) Give API approval “test_paypal_api_api1.computop.com” and set the five necessary check marks.

Please set the following available approvals -Definition for third party provider-:

– Use Express Checkout for your payment transactions
– Initiating a repayment for certain transactions
– Authorize and collect your PayPal transactions
– Retrieving information about an individual transaction
– Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and view the results

Simulation mode:

With the following option you can simulate payments via 1cs OPS.

Please enter the following value in the parameter OrderDesc.

Parameter Value

OrderDesc Test:0000



The example with the value “0000” simulates a successful transaction. For example, if you pass the response code “0305”, you simulate a failed transaction. Please refer to the current 1cs OPS documentation for the possible response codes. This means that if you send the corresponding error code, the payment also receives the desired status and the OPS reports this status back to your system. Please always transfer the last 4 digits of the response code.

Important: Due to the missing transfer of the payment information to the payment provider, the simulation does not return any payment type related parameters in our response (e.g. installment plans, PayPal BillingAgreementID, credit information, etc.). We only get these back in tests without simulation and forward them to you.

5 Test online bank transfer

Test Giropay

To test a successful Giropay payment Giropay provides a simulator using special test data. This simulator is only available in German language.

Input formValue
Login namechiptanscatest2
Chip-TAN-method to be selectedoptisches Chip-TAN
TAN for strong customer authentication123456
TAN for the confirmation of the transfer order123456


The Giropay Simulator is an external system and only available in German language.

If the system is not available, the 1cs OBS will respond with the code 21160921 / FTG IN MAINTENANCE MODE. Please then repeat the test payment at a later time.

You can find the test payment step by step in German here.

6 Test risk management

Test Arvato BIG

Within the test environment Arvato returns a score value equal to the “house number sent x a factor of 10”. Depending on the agreed threshold value (e.g. 400) you can control during testing whether you want to get a score value lower than the treshold value und thus the result “Red” or a score value higher than the threshold value and thus the result “Green”.

The threshold value can be set by the Helpdesk in consultation with the merchant.

Example with threshold value 400

Address: Example street 44, 80801 Munich returns score value 440 >> result “Green”

Address: Example street 37, 80801 Munich returns score value 370 >> result “Red”

7 Test direct debit

Simulation – always possible

The simulation mode is initiated by the “OrderDesc” parameter with the value “Test: <nnnn>”, which also defines the result of the payment process.

The simulation mode is always available – but IBANs need to be valid to pass the bank account check.

The IBANs can also be used for testing with blacklist/whitelist in 1cs OPS:

  • Blacklisting card, account or device data in 1cs Merchant Cockpit
  • Server-to-Server Blacklist via 1cs OPS

Keep in mind that SEPA direct debit only supports currency EUR.

Land/CountryBankIBANBICWert/Value OrderDeskAnwort / ResponseBeschreibung / Description
ATDeutsche Bank AG Filiale WienAT141910000088888880DEUTATWWXXXTest:<nnnn><nnnn>Siehe / see: Error codes
DEPostbankDE19200100208888888883PBNKDEFFXXXTest:<nnnn><nnnn>Siehe / see: Error codes
DEPostbankDE19200100208888888883PBNKDEFFXXXTest:<nnnn><nnnn>Siehe / see: Error codes
NLABN AMRO Bank N.V.NL31ABNA8811111111ABNANL2ATest:<nnnn><nnnn>Siehe / see: Error codes
NLABN AMRO Bank N.V.NL97ABNA8888888888ABNANL2ATest:<nnnn><nnnn>Siehe / see: Error codes
NLDeutsche Bank A.G.NL70DEUT8811111111DEUTNL2ATest:<nnnn><nnnn>Siehe / see: Error codes
NLDeutsche Bank A.G.NL39DEUT8888888888DEUTNL2ATest:<nnnn><nnnn>Siehe / see: Error codes