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Dear partner of Fujifilm,

we are pleased to welcome you to the First Cash Solution (1cs).

You have decided to advance your cardpayment with us.

We, the 1cs, guide you where you are – and stay by your side.

We want to understand what exactly you need and work with you to find the solution that fits you perfectly.

We build on reliability, transparency and communication on an equal footing for every business relationship – #crystalclear.
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Rely on the innovatitve and intiuitive funktions of our card acceptances­360


Make sure your customers can use their preferred payment methods by accepting debit and credit cards. Make shopping convenient, easy, fast and secure.

For the cooperation:

Here you will find a list of all the information we need from you to process your contracts with us quickly and smoothly. Please find the specified documents in the current version at Fujifilm. (All our contracts are valid only in the German language version)

Master contract (Stammvertrag)

Regulates the cooperation between you and 1cs and
is used to obtain all necessary information.
We require a signature here.

Order form acquiring distance selling (Auftragsformular Acquiring Fernabsatz)

Here the credit card acceptance and conditions are
regulated in the interchange model.
We do not require a signature.

Additional regulation American Express (Zusatzregelung American Express)

If you want American Express, we need the additional regulation American Express back.
Provided among other things with your signature

Complete HR extract/business registration/GbR contrac

You can find exactly which documents we need for which legal form in this overview.

Legitimation of the authorized signatory

Here you will find all the options for legitimation..

Important questions and answers

We have summarised the most frequently asked questions in various categories.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Which contract documents do I have to send in?

The contracts ask for contract numbers for Visa and Mastercard – where can I find them?

I have submitted my contract to you, how long will it take to process?

How much will a credit card payment cost?

Which other payment methods are available?

Is an online payment system already in place?

Is American Express acceptance desired?

I received an email from support@pci.1cs.de erhalten – is this from 1cs or spam?

Christine Wolkersdorfer is looking forward to talking to you!

Christine Wolkersdorfer, Head of Key Account Management